Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 167, 2012 A realisation on how I disguised fear with the belief in "resistances" final part

This is the final part to posts "Day 164" and "Day 165"

I commit myself to, in any situation that arises in my life, first deal with emotions that come up, before proceeding forward.

I commit myself admit to myself when I am not clear yet about feelings/emotions that are still latent within me and work on releasing these before moving on.

I commit myself to keep my starting point clear and write out how I am approaching the situation.

I commit myself to detect my "ego prangs" when looking at the situation, where I uncover for myself my desires and direct them so as to have clear understanding why I do what I do.

I commit myself to realise and understand that all trajectories in this matrix are valid as long as they are best for all.

I commit myself to realise that not making a decision is also making a decision and that I need to expose these reasons, why I choose to not make decisions, and this serves as the basis to my self-investigation.

I commit myself to utilise what I am aware of - namely that humans operate from fear - and do not place myself above this fact in superiority so that I trap myself in skewing the situation only to find out much later that I have deceived myself.

I commit myself to utilise what I am aware of - namely that humans are fear-based - and work to first address all my fears one by one - by asking the question "where is my fear in this?"

I commit myself to map out each trajectory to myself - as I am developing it, all the way to the end, where I can't go any further in common sense and do not leave 'open ends' or 'multiple choice' as a way to avoid completing the mapping task.

I commit myself to realise and understand that all actions have consequences and that no else than me is responsible for all ensuing developments. 

I commit myself to stop all thoughts related to "I don't have time for this" and make process-related activities the first item on my list.


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