Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 147, 2012 Abraham Hicks & the missing "peace" P.3

Self-commitment Statements. 

I commit myself to see, realise and understand that all that is here on planet earth is equal and operates in oneness, where I am the missing 'piece' in creating equality so that all that is here can step out of the mental bondage, and create a world that is best for all at all times.

I commit myself to see, realise and understand that the division we have allowed to exist in this world has been classified by external appearances where 'age' and 'knowledge' represent typical categories - and within that we have justified our behaviour to treat others as inferior, as for example with the children of this planet - and yet others as superior as with mature adults in powerful positions - and by ending all judging of appearance we stop all power dynamics to create submission and dependency and we learn to create agreements as equals based on the simple truth that we are all equal as life.

I commit myself to stop telling stories about where people come from and what imaginary decisions they have made before coming to earth, and I focus on cleaning up the mess that is here at this moment where millions starve to death, where animals are slaughtered to extinction, and where the pollution levels are ignored as long as money can be made.

I commit myself to stop "talking" people out of their accurate assessment of the state of this earth, and acknowledge that my role as the character Abraham Hicks does not offer any solutions but creates more apathy and ignorance in people - and in that I acknowledge that I have been part of the problem whereby I focus on becoming part of the solution - where I start walking my process through self-forgiveness and self-corrective application so that all can see that I stand up and change myself to change how we exist on earth.

I commit myself to layout in all clarity that free will and free choice cannot exist in self-interest, and that as long as we do not stand together as a group - the group of humanity- we cannot change anything because we are trapped in the illusion of free will and free choice and to free ourselves from our mental entrapment we must stop self-interest by stopping the mind, and in that we recognise that free will and free choice is the choice for all in equality and the will to do the best for all as equals.

I commit myself to participate in the re-education of all humans, including myself, to understand and realise the true nature of feelings/emotions and thoughts, and ensure that no human ever again will abuse life through self-interest.

I commit myself see, realise and understand that the human has the ultimate creative control about everything that happens on earth, and in that I commit myself to show and demonstrate to others that we are in total control and that we can change ourselves to be equals.

I commit myself to stop using words to explain ideas of the mind because I realise that all ideas originate in the mind and are born out of self-interest and ego.

I commit myself to explain the nature of energy and layout in detail how the Law of Attraction is creating more atrocities in this world, because it operates like the law of physics where accumulating energy on the one end - as in the privileged Western world - necessitates to take energy from all other parts of the world.

I commit myself to explain in detail how money = energy, and how I got rich accumulating energy, respectively money, through my followers' support.

I commit myself to end all sabotage, corruption and manipulation and to stop using rhetoric to convince people of my righteous nature.

I commit myself to stop making money of people's gullible nature, who are seeking to understand themselves, and instead participate in bringing about an economic stystem of equality, namely the Equal Money System


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